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The Prosperity Institute’s Mission

The Prosperity Institute is dedicated to supporting and disseminating research on the causes of, influences upon, and impediments to, worldwide prosperity, economic growth and a higher standard of living.

The goal of the Prosperity Institute is to magnify the effectiveness of other free-market, limited-government-oriented public policy organizations concerning those issues which are most likely to promote economic growth and liberty. Thus, the Prosperity Institute does not maintain a full time staff, or hold conferences or other public events. Rather, the Institute supports those activities of other cooperating organizations that it believes are highly cost effective. In addition to working with cooperating organizations, officers of the Institute actively work with elected officials, members of the press, and other opinion leaders to help them gain a fuller understanding of economic growth and liberty-promoting public policies.

The Institute enhances the effectiveness of the research and educational activities of public policy institutes throughout the world, in part by providing matching resources to other public policy organizations, and by helping to coordinate their activities in areas of interest. The Institute may conduct its research in-house or contract with outside researchers. The research and education supported by the Institute does not focus on the U.S. alone but is global in its concern.

Given that the Institute’s goal is to promote the issues of focus and to support public policy organizations who are effectively forwarding the Institute’s objectives, the Prosperity Institute does not compete with other public policy organizations, but rather plays an organizing and energizing role in the background.

Dr. Richard W. Rahn is Chairman, David R. Burton is CEO, and Dan R. Mastromarco is President of the Institute.  The Institute maintains an advisory board drawn from leaders of other cooperating public policy organizations, in order to seek their participation, input and advice in connection with its research and activities.

The Prosperity Institute is an educational and research organization that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 


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